MM2H - Programme Requirements

The Malaysia My Second Home - MM2H - procedure and application. Two passport-size colour photos of yourself. Copies of all pages of your travel. Statement of Income. Applications Form. Financial documents as required in the Application Form.
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Malaysia My Second
Home Programme

MM2H - Programme Requirements

Criterias For Application
  1. A valid Medical Insurance in Malaysia

  2. A Certified Medical Report from a local doctor / specialist.

  3. Meeting the Financial Requirements below:-

FINANCAL REQUIREMENTS after April 1st 2006
(Applicants whether single or with spouse)
Below 50 years old 50 years old and above
Fixed Deposit *
Of RM300,000.00
(Or USD82,000-00)
Choose :
Fixed Deposit
RM150,000.00 (or USD41,000-00)

Current monthly off-shore income
Of RM10,000-00 (or USD2,750-00)
WITHDRAWAL OF FIXED DEPOSIT (After a minimum of one year)
For approved expenses relating to house purchase, education for children in Malaysia and medical purposes.
Withdraw up to
(or USD65,000-00)
Withdraw up to
(or USD25,000-00)
(For subsequent duration of stay under this Programme)
(or USD16,000-00)
(or USD16,000-00)
FER - Funny emails received
All funny jokes, stories, pictures, photos and videos.

Note : Successful applicants need to open their fixed deposits in Ringgit Malaysia (RMY).

The Procedure of Application

1. For Individual Application
  • To apply as an individual, submit the following:-

    1. Two passport-size colour photos of yourself
    2. Copies of all pages of your travel documents (ie. passport)
    3. Statement of Income
    4. Applications Form
    5. Financial documents as required in the Application Form
2. For Application together with Spouse & Children
  • Submit in addition to (1) above:-

    1. Two passport-size colour photos of each family member
    2. Copies of all pages of each family member's travel documents (ie. passport)
    3. Copy of Marriage Certificate (for spouse) or Birth Certificate (for dependent[s])
    4. If your spouse or children are Malaysian citizens, please include copies of their passports, identification cards (ICs) and the relevant marriage certificate (spouse) or birth certificates (children).
Insurance Coverage

Applicants must possess a valid medical insurance policy from any insurance company in Malaysia.

Education For The Children

Applicants who wish to bring along their children who are schooling are required to apply for a Student Pass for their children to enroll in schools or institutions or higher learning recognized by the Government of Malaysia.

Employment Opportunities

Employment is permitted only after obtaining a work permit from the Government of Malaysia and is usually granted only to person with special skills.

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